Ski-tour in Siberia

Program is for only experienced skiers. All routs there are no specially prepared tracks — it’s the clean and fresh snow slopes of Siberian forest (taiga).
Advantages are, you will be the first to skate and skiboard on this fluffy and soft snow. No one will mark how and where you should ski, no one will undercut your moves. No lifts, no queue, no tickets: only you and snow.

Your safety and comfort are guaranteed by professional trainers who will guide you on the most interesting and pleasant places and paths on this slopes.

Route and destination

  1. Train from Novokuznetsk to the Kazyr river.
  2. Across the river on the boats to the Siberian forest.
  3. Ski-tour to the wood house, equipment will get there on the snowmobile.

Living on the comfort house. We will food take with us from the start and will cook on the place.
Every morning starts with breakfast, coffee, then we are on the route. With luck in weather, we’ll get 4-6 runs every day.

Dates and price

Guide-instructor: Grinev Mikhail
November, December.
Price: It depends on the number of people.
Group 5-8 person.


— Ski-tour in Siberian forest;
— Training and correction of your skiing technique;
— Guide in choosing the optimum descending line and equipment care;
— Competent and comfortable ski-track;
— Guide for descent technique on steep slopes (> 30 degrees);
— Guide for descent technique for fresh and deep snow.

Program will be corrected according to weather, guide’s instruction and party’s condition.

Mandatory equipment

— Ski-tour set or splitboard;
— Avalanche kit (beeper, shovel, probe);
— Backpack (30-40 litres) with ski or split biding;
— Telescopic sticks
— Helmet
— Mask for riding, optimally 2, for different weather;
— Sunglasses;
— Head flashlight;
— Thermos;
— Multitool or screwdriver;
— Radio.

Living equipment

— Sleeping bag;
— Mat;
— Eating set: mug, spoon, bowl, knife;
— Washbasins;
— Extension cable (three spots);
— External batteries;
— Sheepskin slippers for the house;
— Spare socks, thermal underwear, mittens;
— Shoe dryer.


— Strong experience and confident with skiing or snowboard;
— To be able to descend on slopes of 25-30 degrees;
— Skating experience outside the prepared tracks, including conditions of deep snow, wild slopes and the forest;
— Optimism and positive attitude which is necessary for living away from civilization in a small group.

Included in price
Not included
— Riding with a guide;
— Accommodation at the outpost for 6 days;
— Snowmobile for equipment;
— Train from Novokuznetsk;
— The taiga sauna (banya) on the wood;
— Food (we will cook it ourselves!).

— Fly to Novokuznetsk